sviluppo hw/sw per piattaforme di controllo embedded


Monet dal 2011 fornisce servizi di progettazione elettronica, sviluppo software, prototipazione, omologazione di prodotti complessi su specifica del cliente. Offriamo soluzioni chiavi in mano: dal progetto al completamento della fase di certificazione e all’omologazione del processo produttivo. Il nostro team di ingegneri ha sviliuppato soluzioni embedded per diversi settori di applicazione, quali il settore ferroviario, militare, aerospace, automotive, elettrodomestico, automazione industrial e network systems.

Il nostro know how ci permette di individuare l’architettura di Sistema più appropriate per ottimizzare performance, potenza, dimensioni e costi, valutando quali infunzioni implementare nell’interfaccia software e hardware e la tipologia di comunicazione tra gli stessi.

Crediamo nel valore delle “things simple” per poter affrontare le sfide dei business complessi del futuro.



  • Starting from a draft or idea, define product features within specific constraints
  • Project management (Analyze your project’s cost and available resources)


  • Provide a detailed description of all technological aspects of your product
  • Hardware architecture and components selection
  • Software architecture
  • Mechanical and user interface


  • Coordinate with other engineers on the project
  • Draw electronic schematics
  • Design programmable circuits, like FPGA
  • Simulate analog and digital circuits
  • Placement, Route and fabricate PCBs
  • High speed signals analysis and simulation
  • Design and code the Software/Firmware
  • Design the enclosure and mechanical parts with 3D modeling


  • Perform design test
  • Validate EMC compliance
  • Certify your product: UL, CSA, CE Mark
  • Produce production support documentation

Embedded software design

The embedded software team follows a mature, standards-based process to deliver quality solutions that meet our customers’ needs. This approach is scalable to any project, from rapid prototypes, to projects requiring the highest degree of process and quality assurance.

To maintain our edge, we continually explore the latest technologies and techniques for embedded software development.


  • Project management
  • Feasibility study
  • Configuration Management and Traceability
  • Application development on a wide range of 8, 16, and 32 bit processors, microcontrollers and DSPs in assemler, C, C++, C# , Java
  • Model Based Design


  • ISA, PCI, PCI-Express, USB
  • TCP/IP
  • RS-232/485, I2C, SPI, CAN
  • Wireless, 802.11, Bluetooth
  • OS and Driver Development
  • Documentation

Vision and Innovation

Sustainable development is central to who we are and our mission.
As a technology company, in the last years we are investing to create innovative products and systems that help protect the environment, reduce CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions.
In particular we are promoting the development of ecological vehicles.

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