Electronic Product Design

Our R&D department provide fully custom electronics hardware and software designs for clients in multiple markets: automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace, railway and other markets.

Our flexible and multi-skilled team understand the hardware and software development activity required for success, having worked on a different range of activities on several development and products for automotive customers.

Creation of a customized system.

  • Custom design of mechanics and electronics parts
  • Advanced control systems to meet performance
  • Dedicated analog and digital I/O
  • Accurate calculation performance
  • Several field interfaces available: ETHERNET, CAN BUS, RS485, Flex Ray …


Products requirements and functional analysis

State of the art performance comparison

Product Architecture Definition

Test plan

Certification and homologation

Technical documentation


Complex Digital Control, Analog and Digital Power Conversion, Precision Data Acquisition and Communication, some samples that we can create for you.

  • analog and digital conditioning signals
  • digital systems based on microprocessor (Control & HMI)
  • power conversion and components gate driver
  • high frequency magnetic parts design
  • high frequency power conversion stages


Specific needs not met by products in commercial catalog? We can support you quickly with expertise in creation of a customized system.

  • Custom design of mechanics and electronics parts
  • Advanced control systems to meet performance


Due to the complex system context of embedded-software applications, defects can cause “critical safety” situations. A poorly designed of software program can create delays, huge costs, and an insufficient productivity. Therefore we work to set the goals before start, to estimate the final results and to define the critical embedded application.

  • Software implementation
  • Quality Function Deployment for requirements definition and traceability;
  • Model-based design and test
  • Mathematical modeling for reliability and performance analysis;
  • Formal design and code inspections;
  • Automated static code analysis for memory, performance, and security;
  • Broad automatic testing;
  • Adoption of safety level approach to specified ASIL levels;
  • Components that are explicitly designed for reuse.

Think green Project

Advanced vehicle control for performance, comfort and drivability

Monet is official partner of CNHi Group with a specific Vehicle Control Unit homologated and currently installed on Daily electric model.

A new challenge for the future, today we are investing in electromobility